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Rant: Tech may end us all but let's stop obsessing about it

One of the greatest joys in life is predicting what will happen in the future. And with technology, the doomsayers make it more thrilling. ‘Robots could kill us all!’ the headlines shout excitedly. Nevermind that robots could actually be useful by helping us with running our homes and generally making our lives easier and more convenient. It’s far more fun imagining the complete eradication of humanity by these killing machines hell-bent on making us their slaves.

Of course it is important to be mindful of the things that we create and how they might impact future generations. And we need thinkers like Hawking to give developers pause for thought, and really think about the consequences of their actions. But we live in a different world now where the action comes first and the thinking comes later. That’s not a good thing but will knowing this prevent Facebook, Google and the likes from still going ahead with their plans? I don’t think so.

But future killer robots are not the only thing we are obsessed with. Twitter keeps us up-to-date in real-time with all the major events in the world. Some of it opens up a range of exciting possibilities but most of it is pure rambling nonsense designed to evoke more irritation than benefit.

The selfie-obsessed craze is yet another excuse to not enjoy the present as the ability to master and perfect the selfie is far more important than looking up from our screens and enjoying the view. There's even guidelines now on how to take “safe selfies” so people don’t lose their lives. 

Maybe technology has made us well and truly doomed. So we might as well read about it and come up with our own fun predictions about how it will all end. After all, by the time the predictions are read and the robots are roaming the earth it will be too late anyway.


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Ayesha Salim

Ayesha Salim is Staff Writer at IDG Connect

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