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Quotes of the week: William Hague says there's "no absolute right to privacy"

“In a world where private information can quite often protect the tax payer or stop a multitude of crimes or save lives, in my view there can ultimately be no absolute right to privacy.”

Former Foreign Secretary Lord William Hague speaking at the InfoSecurity conference in London


“Although people are critical of the banks, the one thing they do is trust them. They don’t trust the network operators to handle their money, and not only in South Africa — this applies globally.”

Brian Richardson, CEO of Wizzit International, on why mobile money doesn’t work


“We have built something that is interesting enough that other people want to shamelessly get in the space. If anything, that’s just flattering.”

Periscope CEO, Kayvon Beykpour, on other companies moving into the live-video space


“Facebook does not use your phone’s microphone to inform ads or to change what you see in News Feed.”

Company statement in response to claims the social network is always listening


“We are confident that all our cloud accounting is proper and correct. This former employee worked at Oracle for less than a year and did not work in the accounting group. She was terminated for poor performance and we intend to sue her for malicious prosecution.”

Oracle statement in response to claims over fraudulent Cloud sale figures


“Edward Snowden showed we’ve inadvertently built the world’s largest surveillance network with the web.”

Internet Archive founder Brewster Kahle


“I don't want to see him in prison.”

Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson announces he would give Ed Snowden a pardon


“His position was becoming pretty untenable, so it’s probably a good thing that he’s going.”

Jan Dawson, Chief Analyst at Jackdaw Research, on Tony Fadell stepping down as CEO of Nest


“We are taking a risk, but we think it's worth it.”
Ramzi Haidamus, president of Nokia Tech, on the company’s VR plans


“The use of these mobile applications is in direct contradiction to the ethos of responsible tourism, and we discourage the use as they tend to induce an unhealthy sense of eagerness for visitors to break the rules.”

SAN Parks managing executive of marketing Hapiloe Sello on why they’re considering banning animal sighting apps


“Imagine if the car shows up, you get in the car and then it takes you to different houses and displays all the stats of those different houses. The car becomes an integrated reality experience, not pure transportation.”

Jared Ficklin, Partner and Lead Creative Technologist at argodesign, on the potential of driverless cars


“If we went back 157 years and said to Nightingale, “Recruitment in the world is broken, how would you go about it?” She would go: “What’s the data telling us? How do I engage people in the process?”

Roger Philby, CEO of The Chemistry Group, on Florence Nightingale as a data scientist


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