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Highlights 2015: A ranting good year

Modern technology has made certain parts of our lives much easier – we can shop online from the comfort of our own home (preferable to chaotic Saturdays spent traipsing round in the rain), and communicate with loved ones thousands of miles away by video (preferable to large phone bills). But of course, it doesn’t always work, and these wonderful apps sent to make our lives easier often fail. When this happens, we find it’s best to express our frustration in a healthy and constructive way… by shouting about it. So here we bring you highlights of a year of raging, raving and ranting.


If it’s not broke…

Rant: False (tech) promises…
Rant: How the nerds ruined cars
Rant: Paper still beats digital for many tasks
Rant: Extracting life’s spontaneity? There's an app for that
Rant: The computer lords it over all of us


‘Brand yourself’

Rant: Weird self-belief rituals
Rant: 4 reasons LinkedIn career articles suck
Rant: Nonsense ‘career analytics’ via LinkedIn
Rant: Tech & the slow demise of work friendship?


“Have you got anything without spam?”

Rant: Ed Miliband and Harriet Harman keep emailing me
Rant: Tech marketers’ weapons of mass distraction


“Turn it off! Turn if off! TURN IT OFF!”

Rant: Public electronics abuse is everywhere
Rant: The always-on world needs to switch it off sometimes
Rant: Overreaching Twitter shouts too loud


Apple & Steve Jobs

Rant: The deification of Steve Jobs
Rant: Apple and odd ideas about what is good design


And now for something completely different…

Rant: The myth of the one-stop shop
Rant: Arguing online is futile
Rant: Government IT projects – the gift that keeps on giving


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