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How do popular tech jobs compare by salary?

This is a contributed piece by Chris Rowson, Managing Director at eCard Shack


Landing a job in the tech industry, in a role as a pioneer of innovative tech, often leads to a big salary. But have you ever wondered what some of the top tech roles pay at the start, middle and towards the end of a career? Or perhaps you’re already in a top tech role and you’re wondering what the benchmark should be for your salary. At eCard Shack we reveal all with our Tech Payscale. Using LinkedIn salary data we determined which jobs supply the biggest pay checks and where in the world offers the most money for these roles.

The future for professionals in tech and prospective employees who plan to be a worker in this industry is looking promising. Last year, average salaries in the US jumped 7.7% to $96,370 annually. Tech employees can relax when it comes to the state of their current jobs and the outlook for their career in the future, as the demand for their roles will only grow with the evolution of technologies that integrate deeper into consumer lives.

Tech professionals will become indispensable to business innovation, and with the development of competent skills comes great salary.

But, with the promise of a tantalising salary and an employment sector that has a relatively safe future ahead of it, where in the world are they paying the most for these prestigious roles?


The top paying jobs in tech

According to our LinkedIn Payscale, it pays to be a Solutions Architect.

With a median average pay of $124,000, those already in a Solutions Architect role, or aspiring to beo so, should search for a career in the San Francisco Bay area to ensure they achieve the biggest pay packets.

Out of all of the jobs featured in the Payscale, the Solutions Architect role pays the most at the beginning. Solutions Architects in training should expect to receive up to $105k in their first year on the job. This may sound like the perfect job opportunity to aspire to, but on average, these professionals won’t expect to see their next big pay rise until their 6th year in the job, where the average salary is $120k.

The top five list of highest paying jobs in tech are:

  1. Solutions Architect - $124,000. Top paying locations: San Francisco Bay, Washington and New York City.
  2. Data Scientist - $106,000. Top paying locations: San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle.
  3. Hardware Engineer - $105,000. Top paying locations: San Francisco Bay, Seattle and Austin, Texas.
  4. Data Engineer - $100,000. Top paying locations: San Francisco Bay, Seattle and New York City.
  5. Software Engineer - $92,000. Top paying locations: San Francisco Bay, Seattle and New York.

Other top paying jobs in tech include UX Designer ($83,000. Top paying locations: San Francisco Bay, North Carolina and Greater Seattle), Electrical Engineer ($80,000. Top paying locations: San Francisco Bay, Los Angeles and Houston, Texas) and QA Manager ($70,000. Top paying locations: San Francisco Bay, Washington and Seattle).


The biggest pay-rises

Electrical Engineer roles may earn the least at the beginning of their career journey, but the silver lining is that they see the biggest pay rise out of all the roles on our scale. The starting salary for an Electrical Engineer is a middle-weight $65k on average. This job offers the biggest jump in salary after the 6th year, which the data shows as a common theme in all of the roles. Electrical Engineers will transpire from earning $70k annually to a whopping $120k. A massive $50k increase.

Next in the top paying tech role stakes to receive a large pay rise are the Data Engineers. As before, in the 6th year of their role managing huge data and creating infrastructures, Data Engineers should expect a pretty $22k pay rise.


Thinking of a relocation?

If you have found yourself searching for your next career in tech, the San Francisco Bay area, home of the Silicon Valley, is the top spot for the highest paying jobs. Silicon Valley is the ultimate tech hub, and home to Apple, EA, Google, Cisco and Tesla along with many other high-tech corporations and thousands of startup companies. Seattle takes the second top spot in offering the largest salaries for jobs in tech, and New York is close behind in third place.


How to acquire the skills

Armed with the knowledge of which careers to aspire to and how much you should be earning, the next thing on your list should be ‘how do I get there’. To get a leg up on the competition, the first thing to remember is that education is king.

Keep on learning. Sign up to newsletters by some of the leading publications in the industry. If a white paper is released; read it. If an event or conference is launched; sign up for the early-bird release of tickets. You need to ensure you are amongst the news and in the know of everything that’s going on. The industry is fast-paced and you don’t want to be left behind.

Pick up a book. We recommend The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future, Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley and The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business


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