InfoShot: Brits most wary of unknown connections

In September, Blue Coat Systems, Inc. revealed the results of its Social Media Security Report, an online study of 3,130 workers in various industries across Great Britain, France and Germany. The results reveal over half (52%) of Brits only accept friend requests from people they know, compared to 34 percent of French respondents. When it comes to privacy settings, again the French lag behind, with just a third (32%) having their privacy settings set up so only certain people can see their profile, compared to nearly half (48%) of Brits. German workers appear to lead the way with encryption – 21 percent prefer to only use encrypted social media and/or messaging apps, compared to just five percent of French respondents.

Interestingly, millennials (those aged 18 to 24) are the worst offenders when it comes to passwords, with 14 percent using the same password for every application, and IT professionals are no better than their non-tech colleagues; only 39 percent of techies use different passwords, compared to 43 percent of HR professionals. Though they do redeem themselves somewhat with regards to privacy settings - only a third (33%) of HR professionals have set up privacy settings on their profiles, compared to nearly half (47%) of IT professionals.



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