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Quotes of the week: "I don't really give a shit whether people like it."

“I think what we’ve got under development is going to blow people’s minds.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on the fully autonomous capabilities of his company’s cars


“I’m not going to job through everybody’s fucking hoops… I’m not going to go through fucking everything. I don’t really give a shit whether people like it.”

Craig “I’m Satoshi Nakamoto” Wright explaining that he doesn’t need more proof that he is the creator of Bitcoin


“Computers will be a billion times more powerful, 100,000 times smaller … the size of blood cells.”

Google executive Ray Kurzweil predicting that in the next 25 years we will be literally connecting our brains to the cloud


“As a proud Republican, casting my vote for President has usually been a simple matter. This year is different.”

HPE CEO and staunch Republican Meg Whitman announces that she is backing Hilary Clinton for President


“This is the sort of intolerance that comes from letting the gun prohibition lobby get away with demonization and hate.”

Alan M. Gottlieb, founder and VP of pro-gun organization the Second Amendment Foundation, reacting to news Apple has replaced its gun emoji with a water pistol


“This kind of cyber-attack targets the very core of our democratic process. And it points to the possibility of an even worse problem in November ­that our election systems and our voting machines could be vulnerable to a similar attack."

Security expert Bruce Schneier warning that the DNC hack is just the start of cyber problems for the US election process


“Apple give Jay his check for Tidal now and stop trying to act like you Steve.”

Kanye West insists Apple should simply buy Tidal, unify their music offerings, and bring an end to the “dick swinging contest”


“This is a false dichotomy. The question is not whether autonomous technology must be perfect before it hits the road, but whether safety regulators should allow demonstrably dangerous technology with no minimum safety performance standards in place, to be deployed on American highways.”

Open letter from automotive safety advocates in reply to NHTSA administrator Mark Rosekind’s comments that we don’t have wait for perfect when it comes to driverless cars


“ZTE is committing to build a mobile device, by 2017, that is based upon your ideas and/or your votes.”

ZTE announces Project CSX – its plan to build a crowdsourced mobile device next year


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