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Global Highlights 2016

It has been a big year in tech. Data breaches aside, this is the year that AI has really begun to take off… and we covered it extensively. Then there has also been the rise of chatbots, blockchain and 25th anniversary of Linux. While to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday we produced a short VideoShot which looked at tech adoption through her reign. Here are some highlights from 2016:


General features:

Is the beloved Psion handheld PDA due a revival?

Can technology save a post-Brexit Britain?

The rise and rise of Augmented Reality for business

Humanity will invent new jobs long before AI “steals” them all

Accenture’s IT apprentice grads make their mark in Newcastle

Will consumers run from home control confusion?

Virtual Reality 2016: Hyped but needing a dose of calm

How technology can save our endangered animals

Nick Booth produced a very fun series on the A - Z of tech jargon which ran weekly through the middle of 2016. The full series can be found at the bottom of this page. But our favourite is The real meaning of… Virtualisation.



The IoT “time bomb” report: 49 security experts share their views

What can Blockchain bring to security?

The psychology behind why we fall for social engineering attacks

Can ‘good’ machine learning take on global cybercrime?

The dark web & business report: A seedy Dickensian underworld online

CCTV hack: Insight from the eerie, yet fully legal, world of live streaming


Future trends:

What will Linux and open source look like in 2041?

Can we prepare for the jobs that don’t exist yet?

The next wave of disruption: Graph-based machine learning

Office 2021: Why robots won’t end drudgery or steal our jobs

And this is our four part series on what life, work, health and money might look like in 10 years’ time.


Our 10 most read pieces this year:

  1. Why Does South Korea Have the Fastest Internet? (published October 2014)
  2. What would Donald Trump as US president mean for tech?
  3. Dropbox trades more blows with Box in a fight to the end
  4. Internet TV 2026 report: The 13 things to know
  5. How close is quantum computing?
  6. How will tech have transformed our lives by 2026?
  7. Digital archivists who mined Bob Dylan’s past spy new seams
  8. Hype vs. reality: We investigate the potential in blockchain
  9. Choppy waters await 2016’s B2B tech pre-IPO voyagers
  10. A coding bootcamp vs a computer science degree


Our 2016 special reports [gated]:

Feb 2016: 20 Red Hot, Pre-IPO Companies in 2016 B2B Tech

July 2016: Technology & rewards-based crowdfunding

July 2016: Internet of Things, Internet of Apprehension


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