Kyle Flowers (Global) - Adding New Form and Function to Fax

Most businesses today still rely on faxes to send and receive orders, contracts, forms, and many other documents. But in today's mobile and web-centric workplace, an old-school fax machine just can't keep up. Savvy businesses have discovered a modern way to bridge the gap: they have adopted internet fax services that live in "the cloud" and are available anywhere and anytime there's business to be done. What these businesses often don't realize, however, is that the most advanced online fax services can also be used for many other time-consuming document management functions, too.

Share Documents that are Too Big to Email - In today's world of technology, many businesses are using audio, video and high-resolution photos and the resulting file sizes are growing bigger and bigger. But when it comes to sharing them via email, we're often right back to the old days of shipping CDs or DVDs because the most popular email service providers limit email attachments to 25 MB and businesses that host their own mail servers often set limits smaller than that.

If you choose the right internet fax solution, though, you can easily overcome these challenges. Instead of clumsy workarounds such as breaking up files into smaller chunks or reverting to physical media and overnight mail, there are fax services that include the added benefit of reliably and securely uploading and sharing files well over 25MB without bounce-backs or failed send attempts.

Sign with a Digital Flair - In addition to large file sharing capabilities, a modern approach to faxing offers the convenience of signing a document without having to put pen to paper. Look for an internet fax service that offers the ability to sign and edit faxes online, without ever needing to print. Such services can be used to capture a digitized form of your signature and drag and drop it, together with any desired text, onto a faxed document. Make sure your internet fax service offers the ability to apply your digitized signature with transparent backgrounds so it doesn't cover up any contents of the fax itself, especially when your signature naturally dips below the signature line.

Search Faxes the Way You Search the Web -Similar to what Google does for the web, the right internet fax service can drastically reduce the amount time it takes to find the document that you need. Rather than manually sifting through file folders stuffed with contracts, forms and signed papers, a small business can search the entire contents of faxes for specific names, topics, or keywords to find a specific document or group of documents.

Using a single tool for several purposes streamlines workflow and offers an elegant way to do more with less. With a good internet fax service that includes numerous features, the benefits continue to grow. You may even find a way to clear your tabletop of clutter and get rid of a file cabinet or two.

Written by Kyle Flowers, director of marketing, eFax



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