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IDG Research: Cloud migration edges towards the halfway mark

The journey to the cloud for many organisations has been a long, slow process. Firstly, there have been the laggards which have been slow to embrace the cloud at all. Secondly, and perhaps more critically, there have been the organisations which have got onto the cloud but at a glacial pace.

Recent research from IDG Enterprise (based on 925 IT decision-makers from organisations that have made cloud investments or have plans to do so) shows seven in ten (70%) have already moved at least one application or a portion of their infrastructure to the cloud. While another 16% plan to do so in the next 12 months.


Cloud migration edges towards the halfway mark

In terms of volume this cloud migration has almost reached the halfway mark. Those surveyed suggested that nearly half (45%) of their applications and computing infrastructure are now in the cloud. And they anticipate 60% of their total IT environment will be in public, private, and hybrid clouds by 2018.

Results show that companies continue to migrate their IT envi­ronment to the cloud using a mix of solutions. Currently, the average company has 45% of its IT environment in the cloud, with 23% in private cloud, 15% in public cloud, and 7% in hybrid cloud. By the end of 2017, though, the average company expects to have moved 59% of the IT environment to the cloud: 28% in private cloud, 22% in public cloud, and 10% in hybrid cloud.

The preference for public or private cloud varies by company size though, with smaller companies leaning toward public and enterprise toward private. The average enterprise organisation has 26% of its IT environment in private cloud and 13% in public cloud, while SMB has 21% of its IT environment in private cloud and 17% in public cloud. The levels between private and public cloud are expected to remain consistent over the next 18 months.


An average $1.6 million commitment to the cloud

This commitment costs money and IT decision-makers plan to allocate more than a quarter of their total IT budgets to cloud spending. Overall, the average company plans to devote 28% of its IT budget to cloud computing in the next 12 months.

In dollars, that works out to an average of $1.6 million — essentially unchanged from last year — although enterprise organisations plan to invest an average of $3.04 million while SMBs anticipate spending $286,000.



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