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Microsoft is Moving on With Acompli

When Satya Nadella took over as CEO of Microsoft in February 2014, he set the tone for the company in his very first email to all the Microsoft employees. He said he envisioned Microsoft to be a “mobile first, cloud first” company. It seems that he is sticking by this as Microsoft has just acquired email apps, Acompli, for a reportedly whopping $200m.

This is not the official figure but if it is true, it seems like a hell of a lot of money for a startup that has barely been around 18 months. On Microsoft’s official blog it says the move is: “part of our company-wide effort to help people accomplish more with their mobile devices.”

And the acquisition speaks volumes: Microsoft is not going to fall behind in the mobile space and repeat mistakes of the past.  This time Microsoft is going to get there first.

Who is Acompli?

A San Francisco-based email app startup. The company raised $7.3 million last June in Series A funding.

The goal

The app intelligently organizes incoming messages, creating a queue for the most important ones. The aim is to make people more efficient on their mobile devices.

Why it’s good

The app makes it easy to plan meetings or calls. It will appeal to businesses because of its Exchange support. It has been compared to a desktop version of Outlook as it combines calendar, contacts, and mail into a single interface that works together to organize meetings and communications.

Nadella boldly told his employees when he took over as CEO that: “nothing is off the table in how we think about shifting our culture to deliver on this core [mobile-first and cloud-first] strategy.” Time will tell how Microsoft will benefit from this acquisition but one thing is certain: Nadella is serious about change. The Steve Ballmer era is officially over. 


Ayesha Salim is Staff Writer at IDG Connect


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Ayesha Salim

Ayesha Salim is Staff Writer at IDG Connect

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