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Quotes of the week: "My Blackberry is not working", Destination: Mars, & smartphones for seals

“My Blackberry is not working.”

- A classic Ronnie Corbett sketch in memory of the comedian

"An IPO is something we’ll evaluate if and when the time is right, but we’re not building a culture or business to flip or to go public."

            -Chris Barbin, CEO of Appirio on Appirio CEO won't follow Bluewolf into sale


Cortana is “a truly unbounded personal assistant that's always with you”.

- Satya Nadella on the Cortana updates at Build in San Francisco


“Yes there are teething troubles, but the great thing about electric cars is they don't catch fire - they are the only product I know of, fitted with lithium-ion batteries, for which that is the case.”

- Jay Nagley, managing director of the Redspy auto consultancy, looks for the silver lining after third electric car call-back in a month


“This exciting, collaborative study is vital to help us to better understand the drivers of population change in Scottish harbour seals, and to evaluate the potential conservation and management options open to us.”

- Professor John Baxter, marine principal adviser at Scottish Natural Heritage on Orkney seals’ new ‘smartphones’


“We’re excited to give the public a chance to see Mars using cutting-edge technologies that help scientists plan Curiosity’s activities on Mars today.”

- Jeff Norris, project manager for OnSight and “Destination: Mars” at JPL, on bringing Mars to Earth


“When companies automate, you can expect more jobs, not fewer.”

- Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director of European Automation, on why we shouldn’t worry about robots stealing our jobs

"Going forward, this kind of ‘business vs. Government’ mentality will make us all less safe." 

            - Brian Spector, CEO at MIRACL, on FBI cracks Apple


“I believe we will see BLoS adoption within five years in some applications."

            - David Preznuk, author of The Drone Age, on the the drone age is here


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