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What will Linux and open source look like in 2041?

The world last month celebrated 25 years of Linux, or at least 25 years since a key moment in Linux’s history when Linus Torvalds requested contributions for his operating system. Emboldened by this example, I asked other open-source experts to imagine Linux and open source a quarter-century hence in 2041.


Sacha Labourey, CEO of Jenkins-based software delivery leader CloudBees

In 25 years, society will only permit open source software. You’ll need to ask your company permission to write proprietary code. The term developer will become superfluous because ‘code aware’ people will just be 'people' and because the ability of working people to put their ideas into code will be fundamental to them bringing value to the economy.

Like internet connectivity, computing infrastructure will be ubiquitous and defined by open source code just like the programs that it runs. The law will require the software that powers human-enhanced features, robots and self-driving objects to be in open source; this will be enforced by “a Free Man Digital Act”.

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