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The clutch of new job titles due to storm your workplace in 2017

I meet a lot of people in different walks of IT and, as is the nature of the business, they usually have some challenge or other on the blend that needs addressing. And so I always find myself asking the same question: “Does this require a new role?”

Some meet this with derision – there are far too many Super Data Ninjas out there already – no need to open the flood gates to more. While others feel that the rapid pace of change means whole departments need restructuring and new roles need creating.

This year we’ve looked in detail at the rise of the CISO in the light of all the security breaches and investigated whether the increased emphasis on connected devices means companies now require a Chief IoT Officer. But what is 2017 likely to bring?

Well, as always, there is no definitive answer, so we simply asked industry professionals to propose the new job titles that they think will emerge next year. We’ve listed them below along with their short explanation as to why.


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