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Quotes of the week: Facebook's tax, 'cheating' watches, & Oculus knocks Apple

“In light of changes to tax law in the UK, we felt this change would provide transparency to Facebook's operations in the UK.”

- Facebook’s internal post on overhaul of tax structure


“[AI can] make jobs more interesting.”

- Chris Farmer, EVP and CMO at Afiniti on the future of AI


“Because the computer can’t develop the song, we were having to find really interesting ways of finding a verse and a chorus.”

- Benjamin Till, composer on the world’s first computer-generated musical


“My microbiology professor does a watch check every time we have a test. If it's not an old school analogue it has to come off and go in the cell phone bin.”

- Student Abigail Lauze on ‘cheating’ watches


[It] “is up to Apple…if they ever release a good computer, we will do it.”

- Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey on whether the Rift will ever be available on Apple hardware


We are “Yet to see a use case for blockchain that can't be solved with an existing simpler technology.”

- Cryptography expert Adi Shamir speaking at this week’s RSA conference


“They have gone into partnership with someone who could in time become quite a threat actually.”

- Daniel Lucht, Global Research Director at ResearchFarm on the Amazon-Morrison deal


“In a year… my promise to you is that we will throw away all of these external monitors and put them in the rcycling bin because we already have the resolution and all of the components necessary to start replacing that, that’s our first step into form factor replacement.”

- Meron Gribetz, CEO of Augmented Reality startup Meta, on his faith in his new hardware


“I could be wrong but we'll accept that.”

- Warren Buffet on whether buying almost 9% of IBM’s stock was a good idea


“I expect 2016 to follow a similar pattern as pressure builds on employers to offer substantial salary packages.”

- James Milligan, Director of Hays Information Technology on why employees hold the power in the UK job market

“But ultimately, when balancing the various parties’ interests, it should become evidently clear that more security, not less, is the key to maintaining the trust that sits at the center of our digital age. Without it, there's simply no way to ensure that the internet and technology -- and their growing economic impact -- will continue to flourish.”

– Box CEO Aaron Levie backs Apple over the FBI


“The UK Government’s impending Investigatory Powers Bill aims to give the police greater power to ‘hack’ people’s computers and smartphones and help them get a greater grip on the digital age. It would therefore be highly ironic if its new laws actually pushed technology and technology companies even further down the path of encryption.”

-  Cryptique CEO Jonatahan Parker-Bray on changes to the UK’s Investigatory Powers Bill


“Collisions are very like being in a series of small car crashes. It’s a battle for 80 minutes and it’s very, very hard. These are warriors.”

– Richard Hunwicks, head of human performance at rugby league governing body the RFL, on using BI to help England win the World Cup


“’Kill NetSuite’ is not really our rationale. The market is so big and it’s more about us having the best solution to get in front of as many customers as we can.”

– SAP’s EJ Jackson the ERP giant’s latest ruse to win over small businesses


“We don’t think we’re going to sell to Google or Amazon. If we had the opportunity to try to negotiate a deal it would be fun but it’s deep in the DNA of those companies that they want to maintain control. They are hard-core DIY-ers.”

– Pure Storage CEO Scott Dietzen laments an impossible selling opportunity


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