Santosh Anchan (India) - Expedite Wireless Broadband Rollout with Optimal TCO

The telecom market is at an inflection point following the arrival of 3G. The hyper-competitive market is likely to flatten out in terms of subscriber growth over the next two years. The proliferation of smart devices and availability of high speed data access will result in new service consumption patterns.

As teledensity has already reached its maximum threshold in the developed world and is increasing like the  speed of light in developing world; Governments and regulatory bodies across the globe are busy ensuring broadband (i.e. data service) penetration improvement so as to make it available and affordable to masses and not only classes. When it comes to IT infrastructure, a solution that gives optimal TCO (considering OPEX to run and manage operations for 3-5 years), guarantees faster time-to-market, enables ARPU enhancement would be a better sought out for the wireless broadband service providers. Such a solution has to be rightly engineered and not over engineered. Thus, considering both business and technology/service roll out challenges.

These factors make it imperative for the wireless broadband operators to enhance their market share by developing technology leadership and enhancing customer service quality. In all the markets such as mobile wireless, wireless broadband, digital content and mobile applications, network operators are undergoing major infrastructure and business strategy transformations, including migration to IP, a growing reliance on outsourced managed services and the perpetual need to introduce new services and applications - all targeted to ensure highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Broadband service providers should look at “assets light strategy” while building the IT infrastructure solutions that will keep them agile enough to respond to near and long term business challenges. The solutions should enable faster rollout of new services and provide an effective long term cost optimization strategy that helps evolve networks without having to resort to extensive rework; while ensuring that the existing assets are not made redundant.  A pre-built, launch and operations ready solution, incorporating the best practices that can be deployed with any  growing technology options such as WCDMA5, HSPA, HSPA+CDMA200EV-DO6, WiMAX and LTE will help in achieving faster ROI and protecting investments for future upgrades.

If CAPEX is a concern, then there is the option of going with a cloud based hosted offering where the IT infrastructure is provided by a 3rd party cloud service provider and a pay-as-you-grow model can be adopted to keep the initial expenditure low. This will help broadband service providers to concentrate more on growing the business and customer base and less on day-to-day working of IT infrastructure.

Once a firm market foothold is gained the operator can then think of migrating from a hosted to an in-house solution based on the market situation. There are leading systems integrators who have formed global alliance with cloud service providers to provide different OPEX based business models that can help broadband operators to get started with minimal investment.

So as there are multiple business challenges to look after, with evolving broadband network technology  it is always recommended that service providers should look for solutions that are network agnostic, ensure faster deployment with better operational efficiency to capture markets faster with varied business models to keep  TCO lower.

By Santosh Anchan, Tech Mahindra. Santosh is a highly experienced telecom professional with nearly 12 years in the IT industry. He is currently a Chied Solution Architect at Tech Mahindra, responsible for product portfolio management of convergent CRM/BSS solutions for the wireless broadband market.


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