Quotes of the week: Hunting unicorns, austerity panda, & US declares cyberwar

“The tone was self-congratulatory and negative, which is to be expected in the low-paid clickbait environment where some in the media are jealous of the growing and healthy parts of the technology economy and feel it is their duty to ‘hunt unicorns’.”

- Palantir Co-Founder Joe Lonsdale on Buzzfeed’s article about the inner workings and struggles of the Big Data company


“Europe has spent the last 20 years outsourcing core competence so they have to relearn development.”

- Alan Coad, VP and GM for EMEA at Pivotal, on why attitudes to software development need to change


“The refrigerator was once viewed simply as a place to cool and store food. We saw an opportunity to introduce a refrigerator that… goes beyond [food] storage and one that brought the center of your kitchen into the digital age.”

- John Herrington, Senior Vice President at Samsung, on the company’s new smart fridge


“It’s hard to say whether using cyber warfare against ISIS will help more than hurt.”

- Leo Taddeo, Chief Security Officer at Cryptzone, on the US declaration of cyberwar


“I'm personally spending an enormous amount of time on the production line... my desk is at the end of the production line [and] I have a sleeping bag in a conference room next to the manufacturing production line that I use quite frequently.”

- Tesla CEO Elon Musk needs to get out more


“Three billion mobile phones have been activated with Oracle's property on them.”

- Oracle lawyer Peter Bicks hammering home his point to the jury in the case over Java code in Android


“Their pitch about access turned into mobilisation for their own product.”

- Osama Manzar of the Digital Empowerment Foundation on why Facebook’s Internet.org scheme failed in India


“While it's okay for us to have nice things, it's important to remember to ask ourselves, 'would I spend my own money this way?'"

- Note left on the $100,000 chrome panda at Dropbox’s offices, which will be kept as a reminder not to waste money in future


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