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Arturo Del Rio (Latin America) - Cloud-Based MDM Has Latin America Covered

No more than one year ago, Fiberlink and I set out on a new journey-an expedition of sorts-to explore and learn about the Latin American need for mobile device management (MDM). I have always wondered where and who I might be, was I born a few hundred years earlier. Maybe I'd be an adventure-seeking explorer traversing a fascinating and exotic paradise. While today I am by no means partaking in jungle trekking or climbing to Machu Picchu, learning and exploring the Latin American market has been no small feat.

We have had an excellent adventure so far-meeting great people, developing new relationships, and more than anything learning, learning and learning some more!

MDM Needs Overlap Across Borders
The needs of our clients in Latin America do not differ much from our customers' needs where we are based in the United States. After all, we all require security and some level of control. With the explosion of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)-a million newer, faster, and smarter devices plus an incessant need for quicker and constant communication in the business world-it is practically the Wild West out there.

As far as MDM goes, we've kept it priority one to have our bases covered; from iOS, Android and BlackBerry control to mobile expense management, PC Visibility, Exchange ActiveSync, Lotus and BES integration. The best part of our platform is its ease of use and rapid deployment capability - we can have you set up and playing within our full-production portal in an hour flat.

MDM in Minutes... Literally!
It always seems that when the need for MDM arises, a scream for a fix is soon to follow. MaaS360's cloud-based solution requires zero infrastructure on the part of our clients, so tell your BYOD-ers they can keep their screams at home. Long gone are the days of 6-12 month implementations, costly servers and bulky appliances. You will never spend another weekend or late night dealing with complicated updates again.

The BYOD story has the same plot no matter where it's told around the world. Someone gets a new toy and wants to play with it, whether they're trying out a new game app or accessing corporate email. With 20 years of experience providing enterprise mobility solutions, it's something for which we are fully prepared, recognizing the importance of control, and at certain times, the need to remove corporate data from employee owned devices.

Bye-Bye BlackBerry, It's Been a Good Run
Although BlackBerry has kept a good hold in Latin America, just like everywhere else, it's going the way of the dinosaurs as businesses are looking for a comprehensive and versatile mobile device management solution that can be depended on no matter what the future holds. Let's be honest, cloud-based systems are it. In the mobility industry it is simply impossible to keep pace with change using on-premises solutions. The agility offered by cloud-based solutions is unbeatable. We evolve alongside the ever-changing demands that are reshaping business environments, offering support for new devices and OSes from day zero. No on-premises can even come close.

Monitoring Mobile Spend with MDM
There's a strong focus in the MDM industry on BYOD, but what about corporate devices? Most of today's solutions offer a way to manage policy, handle apps and secure docs, but at Fiberlink we've taken it a bit further. We offer comprehensive and proactive mobile expense management (MEM) solution within our platform, which allows a client to both monitor and control skyrocketing mobile costs with real-time alerts, reporting, and advanced policies that can quell or even eliminate the problem. Alas, roaming and data overages will never again be the straw that breaks the budget's back.

I am happy to say that our adventure in Latin America isn't over; it has just begun. Day to day, we have been working to develop local relationships and are even planning some visits in the near future (maybe that Machu Picchu trip isn't that far away). Just as with any adventure, we have grown, learned, and can't wait to see what's around the bend!

By Arturo Del Rio, Latin America Account Executive, Fiberlink


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