Quotes of the week: Black Friday, Jeff Bezos' billions, & a safer world

“It’s uncomfortable to realize that Jeff Bezos alone, with the stroke of a pen, could have wiped out the 2009 California annual deficit and still have had several billion dollars left to enjoy. I can’t speak for Jeff, but were I in that position, I would sleep a bit less soundly at night. How many lives could I save? How much suffering could I alleviate? How many dreams fulfill?”
Jerry Kaplan talks tech billionaires


 “I’m sure victims of rape and sexual assault cases can found in any industry, but in the startup scene where events, conferences and boot camps sensationalise ‘mentors’, the innocent do have their trust – the same kind of trust of a student to the teacher – betrayed.”
Maverick Foo, co-founder at KICKSTART.MY, on the dark side of mentoring


“There’s more fraudulent financial transactions outside of China on Black Friday than all other days in October, November, and December combined.”
– Dan Driver, Head of Perception Cyber Security, Chemring Technology Solutions warns about the dangers of Black Friday


“We are headed to a world that is better and safer due to driverless cars.”
– Lukas Neckermann, transportation advisor and author of The Mobility Revolution touts the benefits of driverless cars at the Driverless Technology Conference


“There’s a false need [to store everything], a nervous uncertainty.”
– David Merrill, chief economist at another storage company, Hitachi Data Systems on why not all data needs to be stored.


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