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Most wanted B2C tech in 2017

Gizmos, gadgets, thingies and whatsits. As long as it beeps and lights up, people want it. But what's going to be the big thing in 2017?

Here's the list of tech that the world won't want to be without next year:


VR came of age in 2016. You want cheap VR, you can use your phone and a low-cost visor. You want top end, the Vive, the Rift, and PlayStation VR are all available. It’s up to the content providers to start making stuff people want to watch and play while they’re strapped into the Matrix. Apparently VR darts is surprisingly good.

But seriously, when do we get Pokémon in VR? Look at what it did for not-quite-AR. Imagine what it could do for actual VR.


Wearable tech did not take off in 2016. Smartwatches are still a novelty. And the less said about the lack of Google Glass-like devices the better. However, Snap Inc.’s Spectacles might be an exception; they’ve got a strong brand, they don’t look awful, and the way demand has been choked will no doubt drive adoption (or at least “buy and use once”) until a wider release is brought in.

Digital butlers

Google Home and Alexa aren’t in every home yet. But expect more uptake in the year. Who doesn’t want their kids adding loads of stupid stuff to their shopping lists? But taking digital assistants out of the phone and turning them into a perennial peripheral experience in the home sounds like a way to actually properly embed them into people’s lives. If they really take off, perhaps we’ll start to see them installed in offices.

Retro-gaming nostalgia

The Mini NES Classic is the crazy gift that everyone wants but no one can get their hands on this Christmas. As Wired points out, it would be seriously remiss of Nintendo (which wouldn’t be a shock) not to do the same thing for the SNES, maybe even the N64. And given the fact Mario is finally coming to a smartphone near you, expect everyone to be even more into retro gaming culture in 2017. I predict text-only RPGs from the early 80s to be a big draw, mostly due to the lack of serious battery requirements for mobile phones.

Hydraulic presses and slow-mo cameras

Wanting to become a YouTube Gamer is so last year. It’s all about crushing stuff in slow motion these days. All the cool kids will be doing it soon.

The usual   

People will want more phones, tablets, laptops, and games consoles. They always do. Some will want iPhones; some will want Google phones. Not many will want Samsungs. Many will get Chinese brands they’ve never heard of.


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Dan Swinhoe

Dan is a journalist at CSO Online. Previously he was Senior Staff Writer at IDG Connect.

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