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Pride: A roundup of LGBT tech

Almost exactly 45 years ago, on Sunday 28 June, 1970, New York City was home to the first ever Gay Pride march. Today, June is the favoured month for Pride parades to take place all over the world in celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) culture and pride, from the world’s largest pride parade in São Paulo with 3.5 million participants, to the world's smallest pride parade with 100 participants in the city of Sligo, Ireland.

The tech industry has long been a supporter of LGBT+ rights, with record numbers of tech companies marching in last year’s San Francisco Pride, tech companies coming together speak out against discrimination, and even Google’s ‘rainbowfication’ of “Pride” searches. In celebration today, on the day of London’s own Pride march, we bring you the highlights of IDG Connect’s coverage of LGBT tech.


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Netbiscuits CEO: I’m gay and this is why I’m being open about it

Tim Cook and the Inherent Decency of the Sector


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