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News Roundup: Big Apple, sex, and what came before the seed

Loadsa money at Google as it expands its domain…

If you want that desirable domain you’re going to have to pay for it. But *how* much? Google is spending $25 MILLION to buy the entire .app TLD, according to Business Insider. What’s in a name? We already told you: $25 MILLION! But is this a good use of cash? Clearly no but it’s a defensive measure that protects Google’s Apps franchise and… well, because they can.

… but Bigger Apple

Google’s pretty large but it is dwarfed by Apple’s towering market capitalisation. But then so is everybody else on the US markets because, as the WSJ reported, Apple is worth twice as much as any other company there. So if your name is Google, Microsoft, GE or Exxon, look up and salute.

Mo’ Meta Blues for Apple Watch

It used to be that people said things that got reported, and that combination created a thing called ‘news’. Now you just tell people when your news is coming and that announcement becomes news. So: 9th March, be there or be square: like the face of the product that we’re pretty sure will be announced.

In, out, in, out: Google’s attitude to sex

24 February: Google updates adult content policy for Blogger, says sharing of sexual images will not be allowed

27 February: Google won’t ban adult content on Blogger after all

‘I’ve got the germ of an idea but not the seed yet’

In another sign of tech VC different-ness, new investors Brooklyn Bridge Ventures and Notation Capital plan to invest in companies at a very early stage indeed – the ‘pre-seed’ segment, no less. These are nascent startups that have got an idea but not much else. The world awaits the really brave souls who will go a step back from here even. The pre- pre-seed market where there hasn’t yet been an idea but a lingering sense of the presence somewhere of the germ of an idea.

HP plays wireless

Not content with breaking itself in two, HP appears set to make a new foray into networking as it is in talks to acquire WiFi kingpin Aruba, says Bloomberg. After the calamitous outcomes of its EDS, Palm and Autonomy purchases, rubberneckers are already buying up seats to watch this play out, no doubt.

Revenue for vanity, profit for sanity

Going back to Google for a moment, its YouTube property is still not making any money. The media obsess over B2C companies but there tends to be more long-term profit in B2B. Hence Salesforce.com’s snowballing success.

IBM wants slice of Internet of Things Pi

The Internet of Things: as a concept it’s been around for ever - but not much has happened. Until recently. Now IBM and ARM are teaming up with a kit to get devs connecting things (or Things) together. It’s a sort of Raspberry Pi for the new world of sensor- and IP-equipped dumb objects about to be made intelligent.


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