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News Roundup: Windows 10, Google NudeGate and IPO Wobbles

A roundup of the week’s tech news including PaaS price wars, Google’s China stake and PayPal splits

Windows 10

Microsoft played an ancient marketing trick with the naming of Windows 10, skipping a generation to go directly from the 8 generation. Was this a tacit admission that the 8 design had flopped, a sop to coders needing to programme for Windows 95 and 98 apps or something altogether more sinister? Who knows, but the fuss over the moniker got almost as much interest as what’s going to be in the OS. Our take: Microsoft is in better shape than the ABM (Anyone But Microsoft) mob thinks.

PayPal’s eBay Exit

PayPal said it is going it alone and most praised the move as a logical step to counter the threat of Apple Pay. The supporters even included the legendary tech boardroom adversary Carl Icahn who called the deal a “no brainer” – but then he had just made about $180m from the arrangement, according to Business Insider.

Google Ups the PaaS Ante 

Showing that the platform-as-a-service sector is just warming up, Google cut prices on its Compute Engine platform by about 10%. AWS and Microsoft are likely to respond in kind until the whole cycle kicks off again.

IPO Wobbles

Box played a straight bat to reports that its IPO might now lapse into 2015, saying it always said it would float its boat when the waters were right. That report came as Alibaba shares cooled, perhaps on the fact that there has been so much media and analyst chat about its offering that wags have taken to calling it Aliblahblah. Angry Birds maker Rovio surprised watchers by saying it was laying off 130 staff – bad news for them but a gift to headline writers. The company said earlier in the year that it had no near-term IPO plans. German startup seedbed Rocket Internet did float on the Frankfurt market but shares fell immediately – bad news for them but a second gift to headline writers.

China in Their Hand

Another week, another foreign company investing in China… but this time it’s a biggie with Google (them again) taking a chunk of InnoLight Technology, maker of optical transceivers for servers. This was the G-men’s first foray into Chinese investing. In a flipped version of the China meme, Lenovo closed its deal to buy IBM’s volume server unit. Twenty years ago if you’d said a Chinese company would buy the PC and volume server business of the US company that invented the… (continued on page x86)

Google Nudegate Legal Threat

Google was dragged into SelfieGate/Nudegate/whatever after a threat to sue it for not expeditiously (good word, probably) removing images from the web in the fallout from the iCloud hack of sleb pictures. Tabloids rejoiced in another reason to run lots of large images of dubious relevance.

Room for One More Google Glass Story?

Dubai police will get facial recognition with their Google Glass eyewear rigs to stop bad guys (and, hopefully, let good guys go). Motorola Solutions recently told us lots about tools like this that can help in “pre-emptive policing”.


Martin Veitch is Editorial Director at IDG Connect


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