From AI to zero day: Our global highlights from 2017

What a year – in 2017 we’ve seen security ramp up yet another notch in importance and AI transition from something Stephen Hawking warns us about to a technology which is firmly embedding itself into the enterprise. It has also been the year when interest in blockchain has exploded around the world and where IoT has gone from a scare story to the trend which puts computing at the edge.


A few topics you should probably get to grips with

Containers: Everything you need to know

Edge computing 101: A CIO demystification guide

What you need to know about cryptocurrencies

Initial Coin Offering: Why the IPO of cryptocurrencies is suddenly popular

Free money: The answer to a post-automation world?

What does $1 billion buy you as IoT moves computing to the edge?

“Digi-washing”: The truth about digital transformation


Information about the biggest buzz word of all… blockchain

Blockchain market 101: A $7.74B tech & vendor potential

Public vs. private blockchains: It could all prove a bit like the cloud

Blockchain-based companies have finally joined the ‘Unicorn Club’


With less than six months to go nobody can ignore GDPR

What we know, and don’t know, about GDPR

G(in)DPR: Five gins to drink with these GDPR white papers

From insular US firms to spammy marketers: Who will GDPR hit the hardest?


The world of enterprise artificial intelligence has arrived

AI has its place in business, just don’t believe the hype

How Alexa can benefit your company

What will AI mean to the traditional datacentre?

Welcome to the brave new world of bot-enabled services


The impact of security breaches can’t be underestimated

Good AI vs. evil malware: The cyber arms race starts now

How hackers hack

This ‘Google for the Dark web’ helped me check if I’d been hacked

What will the ‘mega security breach’ of the future look like?

Does the CISO role need to be formalised?

Ignorant botnets: Don’t become a ‘victim’ attacker

Hack alert: Do you know who is watching your CCTV?


From bestselling authors to the CEOs of multinationals

PatSnap aims to take blood, sweat and tears out of R&D

Douglas Coupland talks millennials, joblessness and life at Google

Will life begin again at 40-plus for software veteran CA?

Michael Saylor: Free education is the solution to automation joblessness

Cloudera CEO Tom Reilly on law enforcement and fake news

Rimini Street thrives on poking software big bears

Unisys CEO plots secure future for 144-year-old firm


A whole bunch of other stuff

Could an ARM brain chip end neurodegenerative diseases?

Driverless boats: How automation is coming to the ocean

Expert advice on how to succeed in your tech career

Ahoy there! There be drones at sea

The rise of the introvert: Is there an IT personality?

Could military veterans stop the cybersecurity skills shortage?

Is bullying a big problem in IT?


The top 10 most popular stories over the last year

  1. Blockchain For Dummies: What you really need to know
  2. Why does Microsoft Windows 10 need Linux?
  3. Why Does South Korea Have the Fastest Internet?
  4. Four hot IT growth areas to guarantee a big salary bump
  5. My vintage palm PDA makes iPhone users jealous
  6. The next wave of graph based machine learning
  7. News Roundup: Oracle unofficially kills off Solaris
  8. What we know and don’t know about digital transformation
  9. The End of an Error: Microsoft’s litany of Windows Phone mistakes
  10. What will be the single biggest security threat of 2017?


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