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7 New Year's tech resolutions from the c-suite

Invest in a password manager

Invest in a password manager. It is an absolute necessity for security and makes it easy to share logins between teams. It is a bit of a pain to setup, but is ultimately worth doing.

James Hind, CEO of carwow


Assess the boundaries between consumer and enterprise tech

Continue to assess the moving boundary between enterprise technology and consumer technology and ensure we are leveraging the best elements of each.

Lee Congdon, CIO of Red Hat


Integrate and simplify new media spend

Media investment is split 50% digital and non-digital. Digital display and video are 50% programmatic. We are therefore mid-way through the transition from the old to the new.  This means we’re required to integrate and simplify in 2016. 

Damian Blackden, CSO of Maxus Global


Prioritise identify systems

Good identity systems give you a single view of the customer, increase convenience and efficiency for internal users, and improve security. It's one of the things I invariably flag as a high priority for our customers to fix. But looking at our own systems, we've got work to do too!

Dave Hrycyszyn, founder of digital agency Head London


Give technology a more human face

Giving technology a much more human face: through ‘cognitive’ systems that augment – rather than replace - people in the way they reason, decide and communicate; through powerful self-service tools that enable business people to be a bit of a data scientist or software engineer themselves; through compelling user-interfaces that make us finally forget we are actually dealing with computers.

Ron Tolido, who is senior vice president at Group CTO office Global Insights and Data, Capgemini


Make systems simpler
Drive down the complexity of using the systems we build. We’re suffering a productivity crisis because of the complexity of our lives is growing exponentially, faster than humans can adapt. Technology is part of this challenge, and the only way we can combat it is through simplification, which in turn enables greater collaboration and innovation.

Stuart Wells, CTO of FICO


Help bridge the gender gap

Break down stigma about IT positions and broaden the appeal of jobs in the tech sector. It’s frequently assumed that roles are purely technical, when in fact solutions have become more and more human centric as technology has entered every sector. I want to show both women and men the exciting and diverse career paths available.

Regina Moran, CEO of Fujitsu UK & Ireland


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