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Merry Christmas from IDG Connect

‘So this is Christmas and what have you done?’ John Lennon once asked in what was a fairly lukewarm attempt to get into the main thrust of his song. At the end of a year it’s common to look back… and very handy for editors desperate to fill newspapers and websites with skeleton operations. It’s also a useful time because, quite frankly, when, these days, do any of us get the chance to stop and think for a moment? But it might also be smart to knock all that on the head and just get on with giving thanks for a great year here.

This year has been a particularly significant one for IDG Connect as we have evolved, butterfly-like, with an all-new, rather attractive website to aid our mission to cover the effects of technology on countries all over the world. But we have harped on about that for long enough so, rather than sounding like a stuck record I’d merely like to thank all the readers, contributors and others that have helped us in 2013 and ask you all to pour yourselves a drink of whatever takes your fancy. All’s for the best in this best of all possible worlds: it’s been a great year and next year will be better still.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody wherever you are in the world.


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Martin Veitch

Martin Veitch is Contributing Editor for IDG Connect

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