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Europe: 2016 highlights

While the US was concentrating the election, on the other side of the pond the panic has focused on Brexit. Whether #Leaver or a #Remainer, everyone was weighing in on the for and against, while social media fanned the flames. The results of the referendum were touted as a blow by many, and while questions continue over how it will all happen, we wondered whether technology could save a post-Brexit Britain. Of course we didn’t just focus on Brexit this year, so here’s the highlights of our other European coverage.


The old days

Was IT better before the 90s?

Is the beloved Psion handheld PDA due a revival?


The new days

The Iceberg Matrix: Brainstorming climate change 2040

New Tate Modern: Digital technology to make modern art more fun

What will be the next biggest technology to disrupt business?


Sex, drugs & tech n roll

Let’s talk about sex branding gurus

Is sexism really worse in tech?

The dark web & business report: A seedy Dickensian underworld online

CCTV hack: Insight from the eerie, yet fully legal, world of live streaming

The rise and rise of Augmented Reality for business

Virtual Reality 2016: Hyped but needing a dose of calm


Beware robots!

The robots are coming… and they’ll change everything

Humanity will invent new jobs long before AI “steals” them all

A non-dystopian future of robot co-workers

Workplace automation: Is the UK worried?


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