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John Goldrick (Australia) - 2011 Predictions: Mobility and the Unwired Enterprise

Even for an industry known for its hype, 2011 is shaping up to be an ‘eventful' year for the technology space in Australia - and then some. 2011 will be the year of the unwired enterprise, when the enterprise becomes wireless in the same way that email became wireless when Blackberry took the market by storm.

Fuelled by the uptake, especially corporate uptake, of tablets and smartphones, there'll be huge interest in how to make these devices productive in the enterprise. Mobile solutions will be connecting business processes from the boardroom to the shop floor or front office so that everyone can work effectively and efficiently from any location.

That is, personal productivity as well as enterprise productivity. From completing expense reports on the road using smartphones through to using business intelligence to deliver information and real-time decisions in the Boardroom. Companies will be using these devices to connect customers and partners directly into their business processes.

Connectivity has made it possible for nearly any piece of information to be digitised and transmitted immediately, irrespective of geographic boundaries. This has resulted in borderless organisations where business processes extend beyond the boundaries of the organisation to include partners and suppliers, leading to the creation of true business networks.

This trend is set to continue and expand in 2011 with 50 to 70% of workers away from their workstations on a daily basis - either at a customer's site, in the field, working from home or on the road - we are looking at a new workforce that demands mobility.

To really take advantage of mobility potential, companies will need to be device agnostic and make data available to multiple platforms and devices. SAP is planning its own enterprise mobility road map accordingly.

The rapid pace of adoption will challenge established business models as computing and wireless become embedded in every aspect of our work lives.


John Goldrick is Director of Industry & Solutions Group SAP ANZ.


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