The five things you need to get to grips with ransomware

With the recent global WannaCry attack ransomware has fast become the word on everybody’s lips. Reported cases are continuing to increase year on year, so it’s of little wonder that the sole focus of most security leaders is how to best protect against and mitigate the damage caused by an almost inevitable ransomware attack. Here are five white papers and articles to help you better understand (and hopefully mitigate) the growing threat.


Editorial interview: Insight from a Recorded Future threat detective

At the start of the year, companies release their predictions for the year ahead and McAfee took the unusual step of prophesising a decrease in ransomware. Solutions Architect, Allan Liska from Recorded Future was totally unconvinced by this claim and spoke to IDG Connect about his thoughts on ransomware in 2017.

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Fortinet report: Understand the ransomware landscape

Earlier this year Fortinet collated the latest information around ransomware. This looked at the different types of ransomware, how it is distributed along with the typical workflow of an attack. This short study revealed that 97% of phishing emails now deliver ransomware and included a five-point checklist on what you can do to mitigate the threat. 

Download the white paper here


Editorial article: Why WannaCry hit China so hard

Friday 12 March, 2017 will long be remembered by cybersecurity professionals around the world as the day the now infamous WannaCry ransomware epidemic began to worm its way around PCs and servers across the planet. However, Chinese organisations were reportedly disproportionately affected by the ransomware due to their continued reliance on pirated and unsupported software. This article looks at the effect the WannaCry attack could have on changing these habits and the damage Microsoft are likely to face in that market.

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Datto eBook: The business guide to ransomware

This short eBook outlines the seven most common types of ransomware and how to protect against them. It includes tips on the education needed, best security practices and how to back up your system. As the report points out: “Cyber extortionists using ransomware are a definite threat to today’s businesses from the local pizza shop to the Fortune 500. However, a little bit of education and the right solutions go a long way.”

Download the eBook here


Editorial article: How blockchain might help

There’s no silver bullet when it comes to security but new and innovative methods are beginning to emerge all the time. This article looks at how we can start to use blockchain as a means of reducing threats and preventing future ransomware attacks.

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