Darktrace extends 'AI security' into Box and Salesforce.com

This morning Darktrace announced that it had extended the coverage of its self-learning technology to SaaS applications including Salesforce.com, Box, Google Apps, Dropbox and Office 365.

Emily Orton, Director of Darktrace, explains the thinking: “What happens when you have a salesperson connecting to Salesforce.com from home, and is moving around data inappropriately? Or worse, if someone has got that employee’s credentials, and is either downloading data, or simply conducting espionage on your customers and other users? Many organisations have no means of seeing this - it is a huge vulnerability.”

Darktrace, which has received numerous accolades and gained $65M in new funding and a valuation of $400M this July, tracks everyday behaviour beyond the firewall to identify suspicious behaviour. In essence this learns what is normal and then alerts IT when something out of the ordinary take place.

“The difficult part is not connecting into SaaS applications,” says Orton “the hard bit is finding genuinely threatening behaviours, and not inundating companies with meaningless alerts that damage productivity. That self-learning detection is Darktrace’s sweet spot – being able to extend that capability to SaaS applications means that one more blind spot on the network is illuminated.”

Orton was cagey about which other SaaS tools would be added to the network next saying that “more SaaS connectors are in development and will be announced at a later date.”

This seems like a very savvy move for the Darktrace, as the ease of installing cloud applications by line of business – like sales or marketing – and the lack of ability to track them by IT has long been a concern for security teams.  


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