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Quotes of the week: Driverless car deaths, an Android future, & Zika diagnosis

“2016 will not be the year of VR… the year of VR will not come till 2018.”

- Henry Stuart, CEO and co-founder of Visualise


“It is going to happen, and it is going to be massive. The fact the Google and the Delphi cars were [in the] same street together was a news story not so long ago, so when there is a serious collision or a collision involving serious injury, it is going to be big news.”

- Professor Nick Reed, Academy Director of Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), on the prospect of death by autonomous driving


“I think we’re going to see new entrants. … I think we have yet to see the next IoT software mega-player.”

- Maribel Lopez, founder of Lopez Research, on whether the current tech “Whales” will win the IoT space


“The Priv device is essentially our transition to Android ecosystem. As we secure Android, over a period of time, we would not have two platforms, and may have only Android as a platform. … The future is really Android.”

- Blackberry senior director of APAC product management Damian Tay


“In order to predict the winner of Super Bowl 50, I collected data for the 9 factors in the model for both the teams. The data was were collected for 18 games played by both the teams in the 2015 season. The averages for these factors as well as the variability were analysed … Based on the averages and the standard deviations of these 9 factors, I simulated the outcome of the Super Bowl 50 … Well, based on these simulations and statistical analysis, here are my predictions: the Carolina Panthers have a 77% chance of winning Super Bowl 50 [and] the expected score is Carolina Panthers 27, Denver Broncos 20. However, there is a significant probability that the Carolina Panthers could outscore the Denver Broncos by two touchdowns.”

- Fuzzy Logix CEO Partha Sen predicts the Super Bowl outcome


“I probably wouldn’t have believed you if you had said we could get this big but amazing things happen when customers are successful.”

- Bluewolf CEO Eric Berridge reflects on turning his Salesfroce.com consulting firm into a $100m revenue business


“This acquisition is a great example of Microsoft’s commitment to bringing its software and services to all platforms.”

- Microsoft’s Harry Shum after the company paid $250 for SwiftKey, a London-headquartered company that makes an AI keyboard for iOS and Android devices


“The Board also believes that exploring additional strategic alternatives, in parallel to the execution of the management plan, is in the best interest of our shareholders.”

- Yahoo chairman Maynard Webb effectively opens the door to a possible sale


“Sentiment about companies goes in cycles. Google, Apple, Facebook all went through multiple rounds of this. First, you can do no wrong, then you can do no right. Then people are like, ‘Actually this is a pretty good company,’ and around it goes.”

- Dropbox CEO Drew Houston on speculation surrounding the success of his company


“There's no way to spin it. The guidance is weak. You're seeing the softness of renewal in the online channel and loss revenue from new products that were supposed to be meaningful levers for the business like the Lead Accelerator."

- James Cakmak, analyst at Monness Crespi Hardt & Co, as LinkedIn shares collapsed


“It’s totally natural. It works the way you normally see things. If you use the Magic Leap device and close one eye, and there’s a synthetic monster walking toward you, you see him walking toward you in 3D. It’s so cool you can’t describe it.”

- Entrepreneur Jon Hirschtick on Magic Leap, the AR/VR firm that just raised another $793m in a monster round


“With this technology I am hoping to implement a test that could detect any disease within say six hours.”

- Dr Charles Chiu on a diagnostic tool that could help prevent the spread of the Zika virus


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