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The real meaning of…3G and 4G

They used to have a saying in the mobile industry: 3G stands for girls, games and gambling.

They weren’t joking either. Attending a mobile phone industry show in the early days was like wandering round London’s Soho, only with more flesh on display and the ‘models’ got treated worse. Every game involved near-naked women, every roulette wheel and craps table had a girl draped over it.

“Walled gardens” were the trade’s way of justifying their porn publishing, being a sort of online barrier that protected the innocents from all the depravity. I never saw so many thinly veiled gardens in one place. In truth the mobile industry, like most forms of technology from CD-ROM to DVD (and VR will follow), desperately needed the money from the early adopters of the porn industry to help it to grow.

G is also for growth, you see. Initiated by an act of conception that involves an injection of liquidity from an Alpha Sexy VC Disrupter, the germinal company is coded to expand as rapidly as possible, until it reaches a stage of maturity called the Initial Public Offering.

That, apparently, is the ‘DNA’ (as they wrongfully call it) of the startup company’s genetics. When it reaches its mature years it explodes, showering the venture capitalists with cash and leaving the drones and the workforce floundering about like fish out of water. Hopefully, they’ll get another job with another startup and the whole cycle can start again. That’s the Generation Game! Niche to see you, as Bruce Forsyth used to say, to see you niche.


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