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CA CEO: Every company will be judged by their technology

Software is the next industrial revolution, and every company in every industry should prepare for digital transformation, according to CA’s CEO.

“We are at the dawn of the 4th industrial revolution, driven by software,” CEO Mike Gregoire, said while speaking at this year’s CA World conference in Las Vegas. “This is a new world where the fusion of technology is blurring the lines between the physical, the digital, and the biological spheres.”

Gregoire talked heavily about digital transformation and the importance of software and agility.

“Software is now the core component of a business’ DNA,” he said. “It is the essential customer-facing engine for sensing and responding to new needs, threats, and opportunities.  Regardless of your industry sector or end product, every brand will be represented, communicated and judged through technology.” 

He warned that traditional company mind-sets are “out of step with the new digital reality”, and that the ‘old investment math of strategies executed over years is failing’.

“In the old model, you might take two years to develop a product that has a five-year lifespan. Today, with technology changing so fast, that five-year lifespan might be only two, or even less.

“If you want to build a company that's built to last, you'd better build it to change. These built to last companies aggressively renew themselves.”

Dominos is now a tech company, not a food company, thanks to the likes of live pizza assembly monitoring and drone delivery. GE is moving into industrial internet and manufacturing monitoring. Bosch is exploring both automation and greater predictive abilities on its production lines. CNN used live data to help power its election coverage.

“It’s not just the digital darlings, but the long-time leading companies that are reinventing themselves.”

Jobs of the future

Referencing how, during the US elections, there was talk of bringing manufacturing jobs back home, Gergoire outlined how software is changing manufacturing. One Chinese company involved in mobile phone manufacture went “100%” robotic, reducing its workforce from 650 down to 60, with plans to reduce it further. While that might put fear in some, Gregoire highlighted how doing that this “new manufacturing model” requires “hundreds of engineers.”

“One thing’s for sure, there’s going to be software jobs,” he said. “From top to bottom, clearly, the opportunities are in software. As the leader of technology in your company, you are now at the centre of your company’s future.”

To further assist companies’ digital transformation efforts, CA this week announced an identity-as-a-service solution, Machine Learning-based behavioural analytics, a range of DevOps offerings for Mainframes, and other products to help speed and scale Agile practices.


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