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Brexit roundup: #Leave or #Remain?

Tomorrow, 23 June 2016, could be quite a day in the UK. Tomorrow is the day we vote whether we want to “remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?” The question has been on the minds of politicians, business leaders, environmentalists, activists, and of course, the rest of us, for months, with both the #Leave and #Remain groups resorting to “shrillness, name calling, finger pointing, ad hominem attacks, ignorance over facts and puerile arguments”.

What will Britain decide? At this point, who knows… But I for one, will definitely be adding my ‘X’ to the (hopefully) millions of others at the polls tomorrow. Before the polls open, and for those who haven’t read enough/are still undecided, here we bring together all our recent coverage of Brexit.


Data expert: Brexit referendum is on a razor’s edge
Partha Sen, CEO of data analytics firm Fuzzy Logix, offers his view on what the data says

What social media tells us about Brexit
An overview of social media’s role in the referendum so far, and data insights about the upcoming vote

Brexit vote fever has been heated by social media
Social networks have been the home ground for crass debate over UK membership of the EU

Data expert sees narrow Remain vote
Fuzzy Logix CEO has analysed the numbers and, for now, expects the UK to stay in the EU

‘Brexit’: techUK members definitely want to stay in Europe
Antony Walker, Deputy CEO of techUK, discusses the latest ‘Brexit’ research from members

‘Brexit’: The tech case for and against
The director of technology at UK think tank Parliament Street presents the case to leave the EU. The deputy CEO of techUK explains why the tech community wants to stay.

UK IT pros have their say on the prospect of a ‘Brexit’
We asked a variety of IT professionals in the UK whether they think the UK should stay in the EU

TechUK reaffirms tech’s Pro-Europe stance, but change is wanted
The UK tech scene says yes to Europe, with caveats

UK IT pros say no to a Brexit
New research reveals UK IT sector is in favour of remaining in the Union

Brexit – politics vs business
UK politicians aren’t on the same page as businesses


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Data expert: Brexit referendum is on a razor's edge »
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