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Quotes of the week: "…the internet is now dangerous."

“It might be that the internet era of fun and games is over, because the internet is now dangerous.”

Internet pioneer Bruce Schneier predicts bad things for the future


“I think perhaps I have got a little less enthusiasm for a completely liberal market on unmanned aircraft and drones around the country than one or two of my predecessors,”

UK transport secretary Chris Gayling doesn’t sound like he’s pro-delivery drone


“Facebook’s road map looks like a WeChat clone.”

William Bao Bean, partner at SOS Ventures, arguing Chinese innovation is now ahead of the US


“These new technologies will spell the demise of the traditional car industry,”

Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen on the rise of autonomous vehicles


“In the years ahead there will be issues on which we agree, and issues on which we do not. But as you prepare to take office as our new president, I hope the ideas I have offered in this letter represent ways that we can work together to achieve prosperity that is broadly shared in our society.”

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty in an open letter to President Elect Donald Trump in which she offers some policy advice


“The more software continues to take over every aspect of our lives, the more important it will be for us to take a stand and ensure that our ethics are ever-present in our code.”

Programmer Bill Sourour recounting an occasion he was asked to write code for unethical purposes at a pharmaceutical company


“With the number of reported drone incidents on the rise, it's important that people understand their legal obligations and fly safe.”

Andrew Sage from air traffic control body NATS in a statement on its revised mnemonic drone safety tips

“Millions of Americans tried their damnedest not to be racist for a day and then this story drops.” 

Twitter user Steve Woodbury on the announcement of the LingLong DingDong


Plans for a National College of Cyber Security could “harness the legacy of this historic location to inspire the next generation.”

 Lord Reid, chair of the Institute for Security and Resilience Studies at University College London, on plans to open a codebreakers school at Bletchley Park


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