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Quotes of the week: Zuckerberg's a dictator, the bursting bubble, & what's wrong with Europe

“Facebook is the biggest nation in the world and we have a dictator, if you look at it from a democracy standpoint, Mark Zuckerberg is a dictator. I did not elect him. He sets the rules,”

Pirate Bay founder Peter Sunde on the power of tech moguls. Facebook has refused to comment


“VCs won't simply admit that they're in a giant Ponzi Scheme. And then, they have to play along, because they've taken money from their investors, and their investors expect a certain return, but it's no longer an honest game. That's why it feels like 1999 again.”

Tech entrepreneur Steve Blank on the prospect of a tech bubble busting


“Google is by far putting the most effort in the modular phone. They have the balls and resources to try it out. But as being one of the most powerful companies in the world with a serious amount of resources available I also think they could do better.”

Dave Hakkens, creator of the Phonebloks concept, on Google’s latest iteration of Project Ara


“What happens when I meet with governments is they all say 'yes,' and they listen very politely. They're always very nice. Europeans are always very polite. And then they don't do anything about it.”

Alphabet’s Eric Schimdt on what’s wrong with Europe


“The editors at AP fail to understand history and technology. “We have always distinguished between the public Internet and private internets. The latter use the TCP/IP protocols but do NOT connect to the public Internet. By lowercasing you create confusion between the two and that's a mistake.”

Internet pioneer Vint Cerf isn’t happy with the AP’s new style not capitalizing “Internet”


“Our ambitions go beyond the technology that reduces the environmental impact of our products. We want to fundamentally change the behaviour and businesses of our customers by providing products, services, and functions to enable a more efficient office and a better and more sustainable future.”

Epson Global President Mr Minoru Usui on Epson’s new 10-year plan


“Unlike the purely aspirational concepts often see in the tech industry, this prototype is a working system built on existing technologies that are viable to put into mass production”

Asus press release on why its modular PC design is better than other modular PC designs


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