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Most Wanted B2C Tech in 2015

Gizmos, gadgets, thingies and whatsits. As long as it beeps and lights up, people want it. This Christmas the number of tablets people receive will be equalled only by the number of Brussels sprouts left on plates, but what's going to be the big thing in 2015?


The kids are learning it in school, so you should be too. Whether it’s a basic Raspberry Pi, a Kano kit or learning with Frozen’s Anna and Elsa, it’s all about Java.

Smart car

Whether its Google’s autonomous cars, or just your run of the mill internet-connected variety, clever cars are the future. Do you want to be driving your stupid, non-smart car around all your life? Of course not.


For too long has it been cold when we get home. No more shall we wait for the oven to be pre-heated after a long train ride. Never again will the fridge not tell me we need more milk. Expect smart thermostats and IoT-connected appliances to be hot stuff in 2015.

New phones!

iPhone 6, BlackBerry Passport, Xiaomi, Samsung, the list goes on. Your contract probably won’t be up for another two years, but 2015 will almost certainly see you pick up a new phone at some point. Probably a tablet too.

Wearable Tech

Will you go for the hip Apple Watch? A fashionable smart bracelet? Maybe a more subtle notification device? Maybe you’d prefer a selfie sombrero. 2015 will see all the cool kids wearing their tech. Don’t be square. But don’t get a Google Glass either.

3D Printers

They’re still really expensive, and no one knows what they want to do with them, but you’ll want a 3D printer anyways. Look, a 1:8 scale model of yourself!


Want to fly among the birds, but not keen on planes? Buy a drone! They’re already flying off the shelves, best get one quick before some sensible laws get introduced and ruin all the fun.


If the promised Oculus Rift finally reaches the mass market, expect the gaming community to never leave their homes again.


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Dan Swinhoe

Dan is a journalist at CSO Online. Previously he was Senior Staff Writer at IDG Connect.

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