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Dr. Prasad Ramanathan (India) - Key Considerations for Guiding the Strategy of Enterprise Mobility Adoption - part 2


There are a number of key considerations that need to be taken into account while defining the need for mobile-enablement and prioritizing/ranking which business processes to mobile-enable.

a) Identifying the business drivers for adopting mobility - whether its revenue generation, cost reduction, productivity improvement or brand-building
b) Understanding the need for enterprise data of a business process to be made available at a remote location
c) Creating a workflow approval related information that needs to be made available on mobile devices
d) Listing the number of employees that will benefit from such information being available anytime, anywhere
e) Understanding the state of readiness of the IT infrastructure (hardware/software) to make information accessible to mobile applications
f) Recognizing the need for information from remote locations to be brought within the enterprise as quickly as possible for enabling further business processes
g) Identifying if mobile devices typically carried by the workforce are capable of making the data/ information/ knowledge available in a form that is actionable by the field force personnel. Alternately, these devices need to be good enough for collecting data from the field for use within the enterprise
h) Evaluating if the mobile application be built natively for a specific operating system like Android/ Blackberry or should it be available natively across all mobile device OS's. it will also look into if the application needs to be built as a mobile web solution
i) Understanding the kind of information needed from the devices would, e.g. barcode, camera, location

Finally, the enterprise also needs to consider answers to questions for selecting the right kind of technology ecosystem and calculating the possible Return on Investment before embarking on a mobile-enablement project.

These include:

a) What type of devices, operating system, OS version need to be supported for these mobile applications? Are these going to be developed in-house or will the development be outsourced? What is the cost of application development platforms, if any, to deliver apps on mobile devices?
b) What kind of capital expenses may be incurred on the various elements of mobile enabled business processes? This includes hardware/ software infrastructure (e.g. Enterprise Mobility Management software license, Mobile Device Management software license, servers for hosting applications and web services) and the cost of procuring mobile smart phones.
c) What is the operational cost of mobile-enabling a business process, taking into account operational costs associated with IT hardware/ software infrastructure and the additional operational expenses to be incurred on providing mobile devices with a reasonably acceptable data access plan?
d) What is the expected benefit and estimated Return on Investment of making this application available on mobile devices?

A comprehensive evaluation of all of the above considerations will ensure that a sustainable mobile strategy for the long-term is adopted by the enterprise. Not doing so may result in a situation where a few good mobile applications get developed and possibly used. However, the "big picture" may not be clear, in terms of how all these applications will form a comprehensive set of productivity enhancement solutions. This may later result in the proliferation of a large number of small applications with no clarity on devices/ operating system ecosystem. This may then warrant the equivalent of an Application Portfolio Rationalization exercise to later streamline the enterprise apps on a mobile device.

By Dr. Prasad Ramanathan, Associate Vice-President - Enterprise Mobility CoE, iGATE Patni




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