News roundup: Apple beats Google, Amazon, and Microsoft to $1 trillion

News roundup: Apple beats Google, Amazon, and Microsoft to $1 trillion

A roundup of the week’s technology news including do not buy lists, Google in China, and Tesla surfboards.


Do not buy

The US Defense Department this week acknowledged it has a ‘do not buy’ list for software that excludes Chinese and Russian companies. Ellen Lord, the Defense Department’s acquisitions chief, said the DoD has had that the list for around six months and works closely with intelligence agencies to be sure of the provenance of their technology. While Lord did not name names, it’s likely ZTE, Huawei, and Kaspersky Lab are on that list given recent headlines.

“What we are doing is making sure that we do not buy software that is Russian or Chinese provenance, for instance, and quite often that is difficult to tell at first glance because of holding companies,” Lord said. “We have identified certain companies that do not operate in a way consistent with what we have for defense standards.”

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