News Roundup: Google's behind you…and it's tracking your every move

News Roundup: Google's behind you…and it's tracking your every move

A roundup of this week’s technology news including GDPR, insecure fax machines and a song about Bitcoin.

Google tracking

Ever get that feeling you’re being followed? The bad news is you probably are, by the Internet overloads as known as Google.

This week the Associated Press reported that even when users explicitly opt out of having their location history recorded, Google still tracks their movement; storing a snapshot of where they are when the Google Maps application is opened, using automatic whether updates to pinpoint user locations and using searches to calculate the longitude and latitude of users.

According to the report, turning off location history on Apple and Android devices doesn’t stop Google from saving your location markers. Instead, users have to also turn off another setting called ‘Web and App Activity’, which is enabled by default and doesn’t make reference to the fact it’s associated with location activity.

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