News Roundup: There's malicious code in my website, dear Liza…

News Roundup: There's malicious code in my website, dear Liza…

A roundup of all this week’s technology news including Google mapping pollution rates, a folding phone and Amazon schools.

British Airways hack

I know this is bordering on last week’s news but due to the lack of News Roundup last week (my bad) and the ongoing saga of the British Airways data breach, it’s one of the bigger stories of the week.

Quick recap for those of you who weren’t aware. Last Thursday, British Airways announced that hackers had gained access to the names, street and email addresses, credit card numbers, expiry dates and security codes of around 380,000 customers. All the compromised details came from customers who used British Airways’ website or mobile app between August 21st and September 5th.

Although the airline dealt with the breach in the proper manner; informing affected customers, contacting the ICO within the legal timeframe etc. things went from bad to worse for the company. Within hours of the disclosure, a British law firm announced it would take legal action against the airline on behalf of those impacted customers, launching a £500 million group action lawsuit.

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