News roundup: Facebook takes steps to rebuild its reputation

News roundup: Facebook takes steps to rebuild its reputation

A roundup of this week's technology news including GDPR fines, AI bias and an internet connected microwave.


Fresh from a grilling in the US Senate, Facebook has been issued with a stern warning from the European Union regarding its data privacy policy.

The EU Commissioner in charge of consumer rights, Věra Jourová, has told the social media platform that its terms and agreements are ‘misleading' and despite two years of back and forth, users are still no clearer about just how Facebook are using their personal data.

Jourová added that she doesn't agree that the Silicon Valley giant has made enough progress over the last two years and if nothing changes between now and December 31st, Facebook will face sanctions from national authorities.

While Facebook is not the only tech company to face criticism from the EU over its data policies, its under more scrutiny then most due to its links to Cambridge Analytica and the role it played in the UK's EU referendum two years ago.

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Charlotte is Staff Writer at IDG Connect. She is particularly interested in the impact technology will have on the future of work and promoting gender diversity throughout the tech industry.

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