Huawei looks to challenge US rivals by promising big investment in AI talent
Artificial Intelligence

Huawei looks to challenge US rivals by promising big investment in AI talent

"At Huawei we don't like the word transformation," the telecom giant's Rotating Chairman Eric Xu tells us via his interpreter. "What Huawei is doing isn't transformation because that implies you've changed from A to B. What we've done instead is made progress and moved forward."

Since its inception 56 years ago, artificial intelligence has succumbed to two winters where it suffered from a lack of funding and interest. However, as Xu rather poetically puts it, Winter always gives way to Spring, marking a new beginning for artificial intelligence and its pervasive capabilities.

The big announcements made from Huawei Connect in Shanghai prove that a lack of funding and investment will no longer be a worry for the AI industry. First was their full-stack, all-scenario AI portfolio which includes chips, chip enablement, a training and inference framework to "enable inclusive AI."

The ‘all-scenario' nature of the stack allows Huawei to facilitate different AI deployment set-ups; including public clouds, private clouds, edge computing in all forms, industrial IoT devices, and consumer devices.

On the back of this, the second big reveal came in the form of two new smart chips, Ascend 310 and 910, designed to natively serve all scenarios and allow for AI training at the edge or in smartphones, rather than in the cloud. However, despite a number of pre-emptive reports, Huawei are keen to stress they have no plans to corner the chip manufacturing market.

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