News Roundup: The ICO finally dish out Facebook's fine for role in Cambridge Analytica scandal
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News Roundup: The ICO finally dish out Facebook's fine for role in Cambridge Analytica scandal

A roundup of this week's technology news including trouble for Apple and Samsung, an abundance of data breaches and a sexual harassment scandal.

Facebook fined by ICO

On Thursday, the UK's information commissioner imposed the maximum possible fine on Facebook, £500,000. The fine is the result of an investigation carried out by the ICO into the role the social media giant played in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Between 2007-2014, Facebook was found to have processed personal information unfairly, giving app developers access without seeking permission to do so from the users it belonged to. The ICO also posted a statement online saying the social media platform failed to properly secure the personal information of its users by not checking which apps and developers were able to use this information. It's thought that up to 87 million people worldwide will have been affected by this practice.

Once again, the activity is dated pre-GDPR so the ICO were restricted by the size of the fine they could impose on the company. Had the misuse of personal data occurred after May 2018, the ICO would have been able to issue a fine totalling 4% of Facebook's global annual turnover. (An estimated £1.2 billion for anyone who can't be bothered to do the maths.)

However, Facebook has questioned some of the ICO's findings, releasing their own statement saying they ‘respectfully disagree with some of their findings' and are ‘currently reviewing the ICO's decision'.

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