Techfugees – empowering refugees through innovation

Techfugees is a non-profit that’s established hundreds of projects around the world aimed at improving inclusion and opportunities for displaced individuals. We talk to its CEO about changing the narrative around migration, the need...


C-suite career advice: Ray Kruck, Tugboat Logic

What was the most valuable piece of career advice that you received? “Build a foundation of solid career relationships with people who can trust you and who you can empower to be successful as well.”


CIO Spotlight: Tom Brady, The University of Law

What does good culture fit look like in your organisation? “From an IT perspective having committed staff with the relevant skillsets to deliver solutions that help the business perform to the highest level.”


Secret CSO: Matthew Ireland, NTT Research

What advice would you give to aspiring security leaders? “Success in security requires an organisational behaviour change, and that happens after identifying top priorities first…”


CTO Sessions: Jim Radzicki, TELUS International

What is one unique initiative that you’ve employed over the last 12 months that you’re really proud of? “2020 was not the year anyone planned, I am most proud of our people and their resilience, creativity, flexibility and positive...


C-suite career advice: Geeman Yip, BitTitan

What advice would you give to someone starting their career in IT/tech? "Keep up with the technology and market and never stop learning. Tech is changing so quickly and people’s needs and expectations…”


Enterprise technology needs a better value system

Wouldn’t you rather our relationship with technology was framed by more responsible people? We asked Angelique Mohring, CEO of GainX how anthropologists could improve our values.


CIO Spotlight: Josh Hamit, Altra Federal Credit Union

What roles or skills are you finding (or anticipate to be) the most difficult to fill? “The two areas that really stand out are data and information security. There’s simply far more demand than there are qualified resources to fill...


Secret CSO: Ryan Gurney, Looker

What do you feel is the most important aspect of your job? "Finding risk, educating on risk, and driving change to reduce risk."


CTO Sessions: Will Keegan, Lynx Software Technologies

What makes an effective tech strategy?" Boldly press into technical novelty, assure tech solves a valuable problem and reduce risk with early customer validation."


C-suite career advice: Alan Jacobson, Alteryx

Do you think it is better to have technical or business skills – or a mix of both? “In data science, the combination between technical and business skills is really the magic that creates value.”


CIO Spotlight: Myles Weber, Appian

What's the best career advice you ever received? “Leave things better than when you found them. Whatever it is, make sure you’ve improved it or helped someone…”


Low code allows you to be more sophisticated - Outsystems CEO

OutSystems is facing up to the opinion that Low Code helps reduce technical debt, and with new funding in place, the CEO is looking to tackle CIOs headaches.


Secret CSO: John Parlee, Park Place Technologies

What metrics or KPIs do you use to measure security effectiveness? “There are a few areas that I prefer to measure: Organisational metrics – these are the defined and agreed upon items that ensure that we are following policy and...


CTO Sessions: Yoav Landman, JFrog

Which emerging technology are you most excited about the prospect of? “Everything that has to do with edge computing.”


Mind the gap between leaders’ perceptions and employees’ realities in tech

A report highlights a chasm between executive and minority views on diversity.


C-suite career advice: Ashok Reddy,

What tips would you give to someone aiming for a c-level position? "This is a classic example of what got you here, will not keep you here. To obtain a C-level position... you need leadership skills and a mastery of business...


CIO Spotlight: Deb Gildersleeve, Quickbase

Does the conventional CIO role include responsibilities it should not hold? “One thing I think successful CIOs embrace is business skills like partnering with different line of business users.”


Secret CSO: Vidit Baxi, Safe Security

What is the worstcurrent trend in cybersecurity? "Enterprises have traditionally been threat-driven and have been reacting to breaches... This is perhaps the worst approach to cybersecurity."


CTO Sessions: Adam Spearing, Salesforce

Are there any technologies which you think are overhyped? "I think that the term “Digital Transformation” is somewhat overhyped. If you’re just focusing on doing what you do better, you’re not transforming."

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