Talend CEO joins dots of the new cloud order
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Talend CEO joins dots of the new cloud order

"Only connect," EM Forster had a character in one of his novels say in 1910; and the ability to join up and harness organisations' data and make it trustworthy and ready for mining is the business of Talend, a Silicon Valley company that has become a fixture of IT infrastructure.

Mike Tuchen runs the business and he is among a pretty rare breed. It's a conundrum that, despite the nature of the business, there are few CEOs with a deep technology chops but Tuchen designed ASICs for Sun Microsystems in the late 1980s and early 1990s when the company was becoming part of Valley tech sector royalty. "Recovering engineer" is how he describes himself in his Twitter profile but becoming top dog was always in the plan.     

"I was an unusual engineer in that I was a super-techie guy but also read the Wall Street Journal," he recalls. "My dream was to build a successful company. I've been a little surprised that people aren't clearer about their career plans. What attracted me when he came to speak to my class at Stanford was that [legendary Sun CEO Scott McNealy] was a smart, funny, charismatic person and had a clear vision of what he wanted to do."

After stints at Microsoft, Polycom and as CEO of security firm Rapid7, Tuchen landed at Talend in 2013 as the company was becoming hot stuff. He took the company public in 2016.

That success has come, like so many modern technology success stories, on the back of cloud services. Talend's high concept is that it can provide the integration layer to help us all deal with the shift to the multi-cloud era where our data sits on applications such as Salesforce, NetSuite, or Microsoft Office 365 or on platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

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