Salesforce EMEA chief on diversity, CEO values, staff wellbeing
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Salesforce EMEA chief on diversity, CEO values, staff wellbeing

Diversity and the way companies encourage and support people of all kinds to do their best work is an issue that, quite rightly (and belatedly, perhaps) is very much in the news, both in the technology sector and everywhere else.

Last year I was approached by a PR agency working for to talk to Chris Ciauri, Executive Vice President and General Manager EMEA, about how the cloud giant looks at these complex and nuanced issues. I was interested, given the company has generally been a leader in transparency. Eventually, we agreed to an email exchange that led to this article.

Not all my proposed questions were answered and these included areas including ensuring workplaces are respectful of women and free of harassment, the need to increase the number of underrepresented minorities from the current figure of about 10 per cent at Salesforce, ethical investments and countries where firms trade, and appropriate corporate taxation.

But most questions were answered in detail and in a way I found quite impressive, given the sensitivities around the topics. The following is a very lightly edited version of our dialogue.


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