Autto wants to rev legal sector by automating rote tasks
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Autto wants to rev legal sector by automating rote tasks

The legal sector has always tended to be viewed as a niche by IT vendors. Not quite large enough to justify the attention of the Oracles, SAPs and Microsofts, it has often been regarded as an anachronistic backwater. That has left a gap for specialists though and UK startup Autto wants to bridge it.

Autto is an easy-to-use platform for small and medium-sized businesses (typically in the 10-250 staff category) that's been built to make it easy to automate everyday processes and workflows, without the need for coding knowledge or specialist training. The London-based company is at the very start of its journey with just six people and funding buffeted by grants from the EU and Innovate UK, but it aspires to remove the drudge work that hogs time in legal offices.

"Autto is designed to take day-to-day, repetitive workflows and automate them as much as possible to save time and money, and free people up," says Ian Gosling, Autto co-founder and CEO.

"It's part of a broader automation trend and that trend is now coming into smaller businesses," he says. "It's a kind of industrial evolution and there's going to be a shift in how labour is deployed, but that's not the same as saying those people will be unemployed."

These are early days but Autto should interest CIOs and others making document automation decisions in law firms. One beta customer, a New York lawyer, found it useful:

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