Rocket to the cloud: AWS on migration strategy and serverless architectures
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Rocket to the cloud: AWS on migration strategy and serverless architectures

Public cloud adoption has shown absolutely no signs of slowing down over the past few years, with the latest figures from RightScale showing that adoption rates have hit 91% of surveyed respondents. While multi-cloud seems to be the primary enterprise strategy by a long margin (with 84% of enterprise respondents indicating this was their strategy), this hasn't withdrawn interest in public cloud investment with a 24% increase in public cloud spend in 2019 vs 2018.

Leading that charge continues to be AWS, with 61% of organisations using Amazon's services giant and 16% experimenting. While Microsoft's Azure platform - especially in the enterprise sphere - is quickly catching up with AWS, Amazon still holds the highest adoption rates overall by a very healthy margin, as it increases its investment in additional services across areas such as IoT, AI, and analytics. It also recently increased its support for hybrid cloud architectures, an area where Microsoft has traditionally had the edge, with the AWS Outposts service which involves the delivery of pre-configured racks to a customer's on-premise data centre or co-location space. Overall, the company is doing all that it can to stay on top of the pile, as the competition heats up, providing a wealth of services that cater to most of the more typical enterprise use-cases.

This has been one of the messages the company has been pushing over the course of its massive global ‘Summit' programme, which hit the UK last week. The company's London ‘Summit' event rolled out the carpet to record numbers of attendees, to discuss a sum of the 165 services that the it provides.  Some of these discussions were between AWS consultants, executives or experts and customers themselves, with customers looking for guidance on hot-button topics such as microservices, containers, monolithic application migration, and serverless architectures.

At the event, we sat down with Mario Thomas from AWS Global Advisory, to discuss some of the things he talks through with customers when it comes to orchestrating and executing a migration strategy, as well as what concerns customers still have at this stage when it comes to AWS adoption. Thomas also discussed the approach organisations should be taking when it comes to serverless, as well as how he views the progression of the hybrid cloud wave in the future, in terms of its relationship with AWS.

We're seeing a wealth of public cloud adoption now across many industries, for those who still haven't adopted public cloud, what seems to be the main concerns? 

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