Avi Networks CEO on the anatomy of the tech company sale
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Avi Networks CEO on the anatomy of the tech company sale

I met Avi Networks CEO Amit Pandey on a warm late-June day at the Cinnamon Club, the crack Indian restaurant located in a former library opposite the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London. Most CEOs I've met don't tend to drink over lunch (unlike the journalists who interrogate them) but Pandey takes a glass of wine with his meal. Good for him, he deserves it and it probably tastes all the better for his having agreed to sell the company a couple of weeks earlier to VMware.

Over the course of the next hour and a bit, Pandey was happy to discuss his rationale for the deal and to talk through the complex business of mergers and acquisitions along the way. The following is a summary of his thoughts with my own commentary as a gloss.

Be in the right area

Pandey thinks that Avi chose its network load balancing market wisely.

"There's not been a lot of investment in load balancing for the last 10 to 20 years. F5 has a great product but it was getting long in the tooth [and] when F5 came into the market, VMware didn't exist."

By modernising the load balancer for the post-VMware virtualised world and focusing on areas such as support for multi-cloud environments and ease of management, Pandey says the approach was attractive to suitors.

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