Zoho MD offers advice on dealing with the uncertainty of Brexit
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Zoho MD offers advice on dealing with the uncertainty of Brexit

Organisations bracing for the uncertainty surrounding Brexit should focus on their employees, customers and partners if they're to succeed.

That's according to Sridhar Iyengar, Managing Director at the European arm of Indian software development firm Zoho Corporation. Having been with the company since its inception in 1996 and holding leadership roles in product management, engineering and on the business side, he's witnessed a great deal of change.

Iyengar believes that companies should not only be mindful of the needs of their stakeholders, but also their cost structures and financial discipline, in the run up to turbulent events such as Brexit, he tells IDG Connect. "This is the advice I would offer to any business that is preparing for the unknown or turbulent times."

Since its launch over two decades ago, Zoho has been no stranger to uncertain and challenging times. It's had to overcome a number of obstacles, particularly around politics and market competition. Iyengar admits: "Political challenges sometimes result in business challenges that we have to deal with. In our evolution so far, we have navigated two economic downturns - the 2001 dot com bubble and, of course, the financial crisis in 2008."

Overcoming hurdles

But Iyengar says that despite market turbulence, Zoho has continued to experience strong growth by focusing on its customers and employees.

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